Transeo was built by educators, for educators. We began with a simple problem: why did we have to dig through pieces of paper, endless spreadsheets, and play phone tag just to find the number of service hours completed by our students? When searching for a good solution, we found none. Transeo was born out of this real educational struggle.
Coupling our educational experience with technical expertise, we created the perfect team to take on the challenge of transforming community service and internship learning. Our team is made up of superintendents, principals, counselors, teachers, ed-tech experts, and programmers from across the country. Together, we have created the perfect solution for this core problem in education. When we started Transeo, we knew that we had the potential to make a genuine, positive, and authentic impact on students across the country. Today, we’re doing exactly that as we help students from all over transform themselves and their communities.

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