Working at Transeo - What to Expect

Culture is really important to us - we say that not as a recruiting technique or to hide what it's actually like to work with us. Quite simply, we really care about people, our mission, and each other. This manifests in really impactful ways, like our recognition that you have a life outside of Transeo.

Sometimes it feels like companies have forgotten that, when you go deep enough, every piece of technology that we build is about people. We want you to have lives and passions outside of this company. That being said, we would be thrilled if you applied to be a part of our team. You'll find that our core values are built into our daily actions and work. From a tangible impact perspective, as a member of our team you'll have the ability to help us scale our platform to millions of students over a very short-term - both technically and culturally. To learn more about what we value, check out our open source culture handbook.