Critical Features in a Modern Community Service Program Software

Short overview of Critical Features in a Modern Community Service Program Software  - A quick 5 minute Webcast Video that details critical software features.
About This Video Webcast- Community Service Programs can become so much more... predominantly because 93% of programs are still tracked with paper, pencil and spreadsheets...making it difficult for students to track and verify their service. With pencil and paper, there is also a significant amount of added time and expense for counselors and sponsors. And lack of visibility and poor communication can cause friction between students, parents and administrators.  Paper ultimately reduces the quality of the experience for students.

A Modern Community Service Software helps create a paperless world for school districts with any easy to use cloud-based and mobile enabled tool and process.  It helps students, admins and parents find, track and log community service events...and then manage, quantify and report on them. A software can automate the process from start to finish and can immediately transform and enhance your Community Service Programs.

Topics addressed in this short webcast will discuss the features required to:
-Reduce time and cost of management to shift more of your focus to quality experiences
-Produce customized reports for all your stake holders
-Increase awareness an profile of your community service goals, results and performance
-Produce data to quantify the results of your effort
-Give administrators, counselors, parent and students real time visibility

Watch to Learn More About Critical Features in a Modern Community Service Program Software.
About Presenter

Dustin M. Seeman - VP of Content and Curriculum

Dustin has worked in K-12 and Higher Education for over 15 years. Throughout his professional career, he has served as a School Counselor, Club Advisor, Graduate Professor and now Assistant Superintendent.

Dustin’s passion for the Transeo team comes from years of frustration with tracking community service through paper forms and lack of administrative assistance in overseeing the process of goal setting.

With Transeo, Dustin is excited to help create opportunities for students to set achievable goals, give back to their communities while feeling supported by their School, and provide post-secondary institutions an insight into the work we are doing with our students on community service.
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