Designing and Managing Virtual Work-Based Learning Experiences

Covid-19 has changed the landscape for work-based learning experiences. While students still need access to high quality opportunities that will help them build strong portfolios, develop pertinent skills, and propel them into preparedness for the future, many schools and industries are struggling to turn internships virtual. 

Once students discover their career-area of interest through videos, assessments, and project-based learning, an experience must be structured with the help of a business partner. Learn more about helping students scope, design, and execute on virtual experiences with Transeo and our partners, Defined Learning and the CAPS network.

Learn more about the six steps of creating and managing these experiences successfully and how Transeo and our partners can empower your work:

1. Request projects from business partners
2. Have students apply
3. Help students scope the project
4. Start the project; present to partners, assess and check-in
5. Conclude
6. Celebrate

Designing and Managing Virtual Work-Based Learning ExperiencesSteps to a Virtual Work-Based Learning Experience