Educational Videos – Illinois Requirements for Career and Work-Based Learning Experiences

Educational leaders and administrators share a little bit about the new frameworks that are being implemented for Career and Work-Based learning.  They also discuss the role software can play in making scale easier.

Illinois Requirements for Career and Work-Based Learning Experiences

Dr. Dave Schuler discusses the motivations of the Illinois frameworks and requirements and the outcomes they are designed to impact. 


Tracking the Illinois College and Career Ready Indicators

Superintendent, Dr. Nick Polyak, shares his excitement moving beyond test scores to measure student success.  He also shares how he has moved off of paper to a software platform to increase the performance of community service programs. 

Changes in the Illinois Career & Technical Education Landscape

Educator, veteran technologist and Director of Careers and Community Outreach, Frank Holthouse, discusses the shifts in career tech ed.  He shares how software has streamlined the performance, measurement and reporting of his career readiness programs.

Understanding the Illinois PaCE Framework & Endorsement

Dr. Laz Lopez, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at High School District 214, discusses what and how to manage and track work-based learning at scale to ensure all students are being reached. 

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