Transeo + GetNvolved

Transeo Acquires Nvolved to Accelerate Best-in-Class Community Service Platform:

September 9th, 2020

Transeo, the education technology leader and life readiness company, has today announced its acquisition of Nvolved, one of the oldest community service learning platforms in the world. The acquisition will accelerate and enhance the ability for students across the country to become active community leaders.

Beginning in 2021, Nvolved users will be able to track their community service hours directly inside of Transeo and take advantage of the innovative functionality that users have come to love about Transeo Serve.

The acquistion comes as school districts across the country increasingly assess college and career readiness using multiple metrics, including community service, under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Research shows volunteering helps students develop teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills and build deeper ties to their communities

With Transeo, educators can continue to focus on encouraging community service among students to build skills for success rather than the logistics of creating and maintaining a service hour reporting and tracking process.

“Partnering with Transeo expands on our work to help schools and districts prepare students for college, career and life, and drive long-term student engagement and better outcomes,” said Patrick Brick, Nvolved Vice President. “We are committed to providing Nvolved and Transeo users with the tools, resources and solutions needed to support student success.”

Created by a team of educators, Transeo is a cloud-based educational solution that helps students, counselors and staff track, report, and verify community service hours. The platform keeps students informed of their service hour goals and deadlines, eliminates time-consuming, paper-based processes and lets educators invest more time with students.

Dr. David R. Schuler, co-founder and President of Transeo, said Transeo was founded to help students focus more on the skills and experiences they gain from volunteering, and alleviate the burdensome verification process for counselors and school staff

“We are thrilled to join forces with Nvolved and provide schools with insights and data that will empower community service among students and help build tomorrow’s leaders,” said Schuler. “As a superintendent who has spent time in three different school districts, I have seen firsthand the impact of community service and know it prepares students to become global citizens in this ever-changing society. ”

About Transeo

Transeo Serve was designed to solve the antiquated paper and pencil approach to tracking community service hours so students can focus more on volunteering and transforming their communities. Created by educators, Transeo is a suite of cloud-based educational solutions that helps students and staff connect to each other in a more effective way. We make community service tracking and internship reporting easy. We help schools and districts move away from paper-based processes so counselors, advisors, and administrators can invest more quality time with the people who matter the most: students.

About Nvolved

Nvolved, Inc. developed GetNvolved®, a web application that enhances the educational value of community service and work-based learning experiences by empowering students to create and maintain their own records. Teachers and members of the community approve the records using an online process that saves time and provides reliable data for detailed reports. GetNvolved also connects students to career exploration opportunities related to their experiences in the community. GetNvolved is a fantastic resource for counselors, CTE teachers, School-to-Work coordinators, administrators, students, and parents.

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