Transeo + Parchment

Transeo and Parchment Partner to Deliver Credentials:

May 22nd, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the Transeo and Parchment partnership, allowing for the creation and delivery of holistic college, career, and life ready transcripts for students. While Transeo empowers the tracking and management of student experiences including work-based learning, service events, dual enrollment, badging and more, Parchment delivers it to colleges and universities through their sophisticated and trusted system. It has never been easier to manage and verify student activities and achievements beyond grades and GPA, and colleges/universities can rest assured in the validity and verification of student credentials and experiences. Both rooted in the vision of student success, Parchment and Transeo are proud to turn student records into opportunities.

About Transeo

Transeo is a suite of cloud-based educational solutions that helps students and staff connect to each other in a more effective way. We make community service tracking and internship reporting easy. We help schools and districts move away from paper-based processes so counselors, advisors, and administrators can invest more quality time with the people who matter the most: students.

About Parchment

Parchment believes credentials matter. Providing a convenient platform to help institutions and individuals securely send and receive credentials, such as transcripts and diplomas, online has established Parchment as the leader in eTranscript exchange. Since 2003, 30 million credentials have been exchanged between Parchment’s member network of senders and receivers. This network, reaching 25% secondary and 20% postsecondary schools in the U.S., is the gateway to turning credentials into opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Don Fraynd,

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