Transeo Serve

Let’s face it: Tracking with paper doesn’t work.

Collecting slips of paper to track community service hours is cumbersome, prone to error, and wastes precious manpower that you don’t have.

Transeo Serve eliminates time-consuming paper-based processes so you can do more with your time and focus on students.

Transeo Serve For Students 

On Transeo, students find experiences suited to their unique needs and interests. Students use our mobile-first solution to effortlessly log their participation and event hosts easily verify student hours.

Service experiences are organized by school sponsors on the platform, making it easy for students to give back. Students can easily export this information for college and scholarship applications. Transeo never shares or sells student data to third party providers.

We Remove Misunderstanding

With verification of community service participation done through Transeo, we reduce paperwork for students and staff. This also removes friction with students, parents, and the school over lost paperwork and missed deadlines. 

Transeo Serve For Administrators

With Transeo, you’ll have direct access to insights, raw data and intuitive graphs that show how your students interact in the community and what they value.

Our platform runs in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about anything technical.

Transeo ensures the security and protection of data and student information. We provide robust FERPA-compliant access control levels that allow you to specify who has access to student records.

Easy Reporting For Administrators

We make it easy to report and help celebrate students’ community service experiences over time. 

No more digging through spreadsheets or making phone calls to pull progress reports. Simply head to the reports tab and download the service transcript and other reports that you need.

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