What is the Impact of Tracking Service Hours Software- For your Students, Parents, Administrators and Counselors?

Community Service Programs in school districts have grown in scope over the last several years, especially as the ESSA legislation requires a non-academic indicator of success. There are now requirements for service in four states and 14 other states are now making service an option for earning credit.

Community service continues to be incredibly powerful for students and communities. Students who participate in community service programs are 22% more likely to graduate college and 25% of students return to their communities after having engaged in service. There are also special recognitions granted at graduation and college and scholarship opportunities all related to community service. So, community service is an extremely powerful and critical way to transform individuals, schools and communities in addition to helping students find future success professionally and with college placement.

At Transeo, we believe community service programs can become more powerful. Currently,  93% of service programs are still tracked with paper and pencil or spreadsheets, making it difficult for students to find opportunities. With pencil and paper, there is a significant amount of time spent by counselors to track and manage service participation, which can cause friction between students, parents and administrators.

Transeo Serve helps create a paperless world for school districts by being cloud-based and mobile first. It helps students and administrators find, track and log community service events and then manage, quantify and report them. A tool like this can automate the process from start to finish and can immediately transform and enhance your community service programs.  The rest of this short article touches on a few of the ways software will impact your program.

Improve the Quality and Results for your Students

How does Transeo Serve empower the student? Our software migrates community service program management into the digital world (that the student is accustomed to) by being mobile first and mobile responsive. The software creates a one-stop-shop for students to identify and register for service events. It generates a sense of excitement and increases motivation especially when teams are competing with one another for most hours completed. It allows students to see progress toward short-term and long-term goals. And it gives them visibility on the progress of larger goals, such as working toward membership in the National Honor Society, applying for certain scholarships or applying for college acceptance. Transeo makes logging and verifying very easy and it can produce custom reports for those scholarship and college opportunities.

Increase the Focus of Counselors on Quality Experience and Not Management

Current Assistant Superintendent and Former Award Winning Guidance Counselor Dustin Seemann Explains How A Community Service Software Improved His Programs  and Quality of Life in Both Roles


Assistant Superintendant discusses the Impact of Tracking Service Hours Software

sOne of the biggest benefits is how the software can empower counselors in the schools. Transeo eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming, paper-based processes, which makes community service verification, logging and report generation very simple. The software removes the back-and-forth dialogue between the counselor and the agency working on logistics (finding times to meet or finding open opportunities). Customized reports can be generated with insights for every individual student in the system. Counselors can now maximize their time and focus on what they are truly trained for – fostering strong relationships with students and making sure that service activities are of high quality. The old song and dance “Really, I turned it in…You must have lost it…” that counselors struggle with on a daily basis will be eliminated!

Improve Club Results

Transeo Serve also improves the quality of life for club advisors, who are often as busy as the counselors managing various duties or managing their specific volunteer programs along with all their other responsibilities. The software itself provides an easy and effective way to create service events which allows the advisors not to get bogged down with administrative tasks. The advisors can stay motivated and productive and continue to impact their club or activity.

About Transeo

Transeo was founded by educators and for educators because community service not only increases the future chance of success for students, but it also fosters active citizenship, empowers individuals and builds communities.

Transeo Serve provides multiple advantages to any district and/or specific school’s community service program by:

  • Helping to move districts from a focus on managing an informal paper system to focusing on students and quality experiences.
  • Shifting the focus of your counselors and students from spending countless hours producing individualized reports to instantly producing customized reports for different students, clubs and sponsors across your organization.
  • Taking your community from very little awareness of what community service means to a high level of student excitement and an understanding of community service goals and the impact on the community.
  • Finally we can move from limited information on the economic impact of the service your students perform to a clear statement on the value of your community service program.

The team at Transeo Serve believes in a future where students are defined through determination, resilience and hard work. The future starts with the student and tools like the Transeo Serve Community Service Tracking Software. This software tracks and manages students’ community service to help them unlock their potential and transform their community. Check out Transeo Serve to help you with your community service programs!

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