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Founded by Educators and for Educators, we believe service in high school not only increases future chances of success, it fosters active citizenship, empowers individuals and builds resilient communities. That future starts with giving students tools such as Transeo to unlock their potential, and sharing what we have learned as educational leaders so we can all help our students to help others and transform their community.



Community service tracking software resources to help educate your team about how a software with best practices can stream line and improve the quality of your K-12 community service program.


Getting Your Community Service Ahead of ESSA Compliance

Community Service Tracking Software Resources - Short On Demand Webcast

David R. Schuler, PhD – Former AASA National Superintendent of the Year, and Founder of Redefining Ready!, (a national initiative around post-secondary readiness created by AASA) explains why community service is becoming more critical and the current/pending grant and ESSA compliance issues districts face around Community Service Programs. (Length 6 minutes)  Watch Now!

Critical Features in a Modern Community Service Software

On Demand Webast - Community Service Tracking Software Resources

Dustin M. Seemann, M.Ed – VP of Content and Curriculum. Dustin has a unique perspective as a current Asst. Superintendent and former Counselor of the Year. In this short webcast he outlines how replacing paper with a software helps Administrators, Counselors, Sponsors and Students work together more effectively.  (Length 6 minutes) Watch Now!


How Software Impacts and Empower All Your Stakeholders

Community Service Tracking Software Resources - Short On Demand Webcast

Don Fraynd, PhD, – Transeo’s CEO, (and former Teacher, Principal, Chief School Improvement Officer and Educational Tech Entrepreneur) outlines how a software and mobile application can improve and stream line a Community Service Program for every stakeholder involved in a school and districts Community Service Program.  (Length 6 minutes) Watch Now!


Community Service Tracking Software Resources -Explainer Videos

These short community service tracking software resources explainer videos explain the challenges we help our schools tackle and how we help you tackle them!


The Paper and Data Challenges We Help Your Team Solve

A short video that explains the challenges we help you solve and the tools we provide to solve them. (Length 90 seconds) Watch Now 

Quick Video Demo of Software for Students and Counselors

Community Service Tracking Software Resources - Educational Webcast

A short sneak peak of a live demo of the software for Counselors and Students (Length 3 minutes) Watch Now!

Educational Articles

Learn more about how to improve your Community Service Programs from some of the leading educators and front line Student Community Service Program experts in the United States.


Learning Beyond the Schoolhouse Doors

A high school graduate named Jimmy shared with me all the barriers he encountered while participating in community service. He relied on pen and paper to track his service hours. His school often played phone tag with the service agency to verify he had volunteered....

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