Transeo Serve Frequently Asked Questions

Community Service Tracking Software FAQs
Community Service Tracking Software FAQs – Transeo’s executives, founders and advisors answer FAQs.

General Background and Overview

Why We Founded Transeo

Co-Founder Dr. Dave Schuler explains the passions and challenges that inspired us to develop Transeo Jobs and Transeo Serve.

What's Innovative about Transeo

Don Fraynd, PhD - Transeo CEO discusses what is innovative and unique about Transeo Serve from his past experience having served in the roles of Teacher, Principal, and Chief School Improvement Officer.

About Our Team

David R. Schuler, PhD - Co-Founder and President of Transeo, explains how working with a team of seasoned educational leaders helps your team succeed.

Why Mobile is Critical

Jimmy McDermott - CTO and Co-Founder, explains why a mobile and cloud enabled solution is critical to adoption and success.
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How We Improve Your Program for Specific Stakeholders

Benefits for Superintendents

David R. Schuler, PhD - Co-Founder of Transeo, details the multiple ways the software help quantify Community Service Programs for Superintendents.

Benefits for Counselors

Dustin M. Seemann, M.Ed - VP of Content and Curriculum, discusses how Counselors and Sponsors can work more effectively to help improve the quality of their student's experience. Dustin has a unique perspective as a current Asst. Superindentent and former Counselor of the Year.

Impact for Students

Jimmy McDermott - CTO and Co-Founder, lists four of the ways that getting rid of a paper process has a significant impact on the outcome and benefits of a community service program for students.

Benefits for Administrators

Don Fraynd, PhD - CEO of Transeo details how data access helps to provide visibility and helps adminstrators to empower teams and improve programs.

Benefits for Communicators

Jennifer Delgado - Communications Director, outlines how Transeo empowers and celebrates service learning in schools. And explains how Transeo Serve helps Communications Directors tell powerful and compelling stories to support the goals of Schools, Districts and Superintendents.

Benefits for Parents

David R. Schuler, PhD - Co-Founder of Transeo, explains how visibility increases student accountability and helps to eliminate friction between students, staff and parents.
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Technical Questions

Workbased Learning Software FAQs specifically about the technical aspects of Transeo Jobs.

Implementation and Integration

CTO and Co-Founder, Jimmy McDermott explains how we integrate into your existing systems in under an hour.

Security and Architecture

CTO and Co-Founder, Jimmy McDermott provides a quick overview of the technical and security specifications of Transeo
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