Perkins 5 Compliance & WBL in the “New Normal”

April 29, 2020

About This Webinar:

While the DOE is providing flexibility for final submission of Pekins V plans because of COVID-19, the funding will still arrive July 1st with an expectation that state and district plans will be fully implemented as anticipated before the crisis. Districts and ROEs will need to be executing plans with full fidelity and this creates unique challenges and opportunities as the delivery of educational services may vacillate between in-person and virtual in the coming months and year ahead. Join us for a Perkins V virtual workshop featuring a panel of experts from educational service agencies and school districts.

Panelists discuss:

  • How do you implement Perkins V when you will likely be in and out of virtual learning?
  • How do you continue needs assessments and respond to the results?
  • What advice is needed and from whom on how to maintain compliance?
  • In what ways can the bold vision of the reauthorization still be achieved as it relates to stakeholder collaboration, equity, alignment with needed jobs, career pathways, and industry credentials?
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