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Founded by educators and for educators, we know work-based learning programs increase the future chance of success for all students.  We also know these work-based learning programs are the number one driver of economic mobility for at risk students. We believe the only way to build these programs at scale is to provide students and program managers with tools like Transeo Jobs. Below we share some of what we have learned as educational leaders so we can all help our students to engage more deeply in their education and their future.


These webcasts will help you to quickly educate your team about some of the challenges of successfully scaling a work-based learning program, and how a flexible software designed with proven best practices can streamline and improve the quality of your program and help you to scale faster and more effectively.

How Does a Work-Based Learning Software Impact Stakeholders

Crucial Features Required in a Work-Based Learning Software

How Software Makes State & Perkins Reporting Easy

Work-Based Learning in Uncertain Times

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Transeo Jobs - Explainer Videos

These short explainer videos and interviews with thought leaders explain the challenges schools face launching and scaling work-based learning programs and how we help you tackle them!

The Paper and Data Challenges We Help Your Team Solve

What is Transeo Jobs and What are The Benefits for You

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Work-Based Learning - Best Practice Videos

In these short interview videos, work-based learning thought leaders and experts discuss the importance and challenges of scaling a work-based learning program. They also share tips and best practices to get the most from your programs and students.

The Importance of Work-Based Learning Programs

Transeo Senior Advisor Dr. Lazaro Lopez details why getting your Work-Based learning program right is the number one driver of economic mobility for your students.

Three Best Practices for Scaling a Work-Based Learning Program

Dr. Lopez outlines the top three best practices he leveraged to scale District 214’s award winning Work-Based learning program.

The Challenges of Scaling a Work-Based Learning Program

Dr. Laz Lopez shares some of the challenges he faced scaling a program from a handful of partners to over 3000 internships annually.

How Work-Based Learning Software Increases Student Engagement

Dr. Lopez discusses how connecting school to career pathways helps to increase student engagement.
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