Transeo Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Work-Based Learning Program Software FAQs
Work-Based Learning Software FAQs – Transeo’s executives, founders and advisors answer FAQs.

General Background and Overview

Why We Developed Jobs

Co-Founder Dr. Dave Schuler explains the passions and challenges that inspired us to develop Transeo Jobs and Transeo Serve.

Crucial Features Required in a Work-Based Learning Software

Award winning educator, Dr. Schuler, discusses how Transeo Jobs will positively impact your ability to increase your students' job readiness.

How We Help You Scale Work-Based Learning

Transeo’s CEO, Don Fraynd, provides a quick overview of how Transeo Jobs helps you cost effectively scale your work-based learning program.

Work-Based Learning in Uncertain Times

Dr. Schuler describes the advantages of working with educators that have a proven track record scaling programs for students.
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How We Help You Improve and Scale Work-Based Learning

Short videos that explain how a software can positively impact your work-based learning program.

Why Transeo Jobs is Critical for Perkins/ESSA

Dr. Schuler explains the challenges of Perkins, ESSA and State compliance and how Transeo Jobs eliminates these challenges.

How Transeo Jobs Makes it Easier to Administer a Program

Dr. Lopez details the increased effectiveness and speed Transeo Jobs provides for all stakeholders involved in the administration of a work-based learning program.

How Transeo Jobs Makes Scaling Possible

Dr. Lopez explains how software helped him scale a work-based learning program from a dozen to over 3000 internships.

Why It's Critical to Use Transeo Jobs to Track Special Populations

Dr. Lopez discusses why its critical to be able to track and analyze special populations to get the most from your work-based learning program for all your students.
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Technical Questions

Workbased Learning Software FAQs specifically about the technical aspects of Transeo Jobs.

Implementation and Integration

CTO and Co-Founder, Jimmy McDermott explains how we integrate into your existing systems in under an hour.

Security and Architecture

CTO and Co-Founder, Jimmy McDermott provides a quick overview of the technical and security specifications of Transeo
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