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Work Based Learning is a paperwork nightmare. Let’s put the focus back on students.


Transeo Jobs helps districts and intermediaries build the foundation needed to scale work-based opportunities. It’s more than just a database or a job board— it’s an event management platform, document builder, workflow engine, time keeping tool, and more.

With Jobs, administrators can leverage best practices and the necessary tools to offer students a full work-based learning continuum (along with features to help simplify the paperwork and coordination nightmare). Just as students need a range of experiences to be career ready, our business community needs to be prepared to offer students internships and apprenticeships. With economic mobility at the forefront of education, Jobs takes the guesswork out of equity gaps and ensures you know which students are accessing rewarding, relevant opportunities. 
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Provide pertinent WBL opportunities for every student

Creating equitable, relevant work opportunities for students has never been easier. Jobs helps connect students with work experience that aligns with their career interests and post-secondary goals.

Transform Student Readiness

Jobs brings student tracking to life. With Jobs, students will understand their progress towards career readiness indicators by pulling together tasks, activities, and classes into one place. Equipped with easy-to-navigate visuals, students can quickly pinpoint how far they’ve come and what needs to happen next.

Ensure student safety

Utilize optional background checks to vet business partners and allow students to geo-check in and out from activities.

Manage and grow a database of partners

Easily input, manage, and communicate with business partners in your community— no need for spreadsheets or stacks of paper. With Jobs, you can provide easy validation and approval for business partners and staff to encourage the growth of the business partners in your network.

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Use Cases

Business partner database

Training Agreements

Full WBL Management

Intermediary Management

Time and Location Tracking

Form Management



Advisory Boards

Tracking with Badging

Job Board