Transeo Journey

Transform student planning and graduation requirement tracking and track holistic student development.


Support students in owning the path to their future (and trust that the data you collect is accurate).

Transeo Journey takes complex graduation requirements and pathways and creates a streamlined approach to student readiness tracking. No more spreadsheets, stacks of paper, or siloed data.

Journey is a planning software that helps districts illustrate every possible graduation option. Then, it enables students to log into a user-friendly platform to build their own path to success based on career interests, future plans, and competencies. With a gamified approach, students are engaged in their post-secondary planning while being simultaneously supported and held accountable for their future.

Features & Use Cases

Custom Reporting & Analytics Tools
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Success Plan Management
  • Visual Performance Metrics
  • Mobile-First Software
  • Badging and Gamification
  • Career Cluster Exploration
Digitize your Processes
  • Pathway Planning
  • Teacher Portals
  • Parent Engagement

Support Career and Technical Education

When paired with Transeo Jobs, administrators gain a holistic view of the graduate profile and can redefine what it means to truly be college, career, and life ready. With Journey and Jobs together, educators can quickly view:
  • WBL opportunities
  • Student reflections & mentor evaluations
  • Programs of study
  • Student portfolios
  • Career and graduation pathways