How Access to Real Time Data can Modernize a Community Service Program

Community service programs are a great way for students to build a connection to their communities. These programs increase graduation rates by as much as 22% and are now becoming mainstream in many states as part of ESSA compliance. BUT, over 93% of programs are still tracking their community service programs with pencil and paper or on spreadsheets.

This manual process limits the power and quality of a community service program. It also adds significant time and expense for counselors and other personnel within a school to manage the program.  This process can also create unwanted friction between parents, students, counselors and activity sponsors. In addition, there is very little visibility for senior administrators who are forced to monitor these programs from 10,000 feet.   And no one sees the real results until the numbers are calculated.  This limits everyone’s ability to impact the program until it is too late.

All of these challenges can be erased and minimized with a simple, intuitive community service software. Transeo is an educational technology software that streamlines and automates the collection, verification and reports process. Here are some of the ways a software  and access to data can modernize and improve YOUR community service program.

  • Students can find opportunities that match their interests easily on their mobile device or on the web. And then they can register for these opportunities.
  • Students can manage their own logging and verification online. This reporting and verification process is super intuitive and easy for students and counselors. No more lost papers, friction between students and administrators or frustrating phone calls from parents.
  • There will be no need for administrators or counselors to use paper and pencil. This software will allow staff real-time access to hours completed, provide full transparency for the students and guardians and prevent time lost over calculating data.
  • Software allows the counselor and student to set specific goals. A software then provides dashboards and creates customized reports to provide counselors and students clear visibility on how a student is performing against their goals.
  • With the help of the software, school administrators and students can produce customized reports for college and scholarship opportunities. This will help the counselor (help the student) in finding post-secondary educational options and opportunities.
  • School personnel will be able to write more powerful letters of recommendation about how a student has engaged with volunteering and the impact they had on their community.
  • Activity sponsors or club leaders can also set, track and measure club goals. And administrators can set class goals and/or school goals.
  • All of these dashboards and reports create transparency so everyone can see where you are and what (if necessary) you need to do to achieve those goals. This will help the school district make better and more strategic decisions on how to support programs in real-time and inform strategic decisions on how to improve different programs in the future.
  • Transeo also helps with compliance issues and automates the compliance process with seamless SIS (student information system) integration regardless of whether a school district or club is submitting for state or federal funding.
  • All stakeholders are held mutually accountable with the ability to access real-time data.

Transeo’s CEO and Former Principal and a Blue Ribbon School  Award Winner Discusses the Power of Transeo Serve for School Administrators


Transeo gives administrators, counselors, parents and students real-time transparency to prevent the time and friction of managing data.  It reduces the time spent calculating data to produce customized reports for all your stakeholders including state compliance. And most importantly it allows your staff and administration to focus on delivering quality experiences for students.

Transeo Serve provides multiple advantages to any district and/or specific school’s community service program by:

  • Helping to move districts from a focus on managing an informal paper system to focusing on students and quality experiences.
  • Shifting the focus of your counselors and students from spending countless hours producing individualized reports to instantly producing customized reports for different students, clubs and sponsors across your organization.
  • Taking your community from very little awareness of what community service means to a high level of student excitement and understanding of community service goals and the impact on the community.
  • Finally we can increase the limited information on economic impact of the value of your community service program to a wealth of data touting education’s impact on your local community.

Contact us for a custom demo to learn more about how TranseoServ may help you to quickly modernize a community service program.